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BARA engages people, encouraging them to take their first steps in Rugby and then supporting them throughout their development.
Our work in schools has led to thousands of boys and girls trying out the game for the first time - and taking advantage of the physical and emotional benefits that regular sport and physical activity offers.
Further afield, our international outreach programmes allow us to offer the same opportunities to underprivileged  children across the Indian sub-continent.
For adults we offer regular opportunities to either engage or re-engage with rugby, regardles.


Whether it be elite athletes, or a youngster trying out the game for the first time, BARA is there to help enable everyone to get the most out of the game.
We campaign tirelessly to ensure all rugby clubs are welcoming environments regardless of an individual's cultural or religious background.
We work with Government, Governing Bodies and at a local level to ensure everyone can enjoy Rugby.
On the international stage, BARA were behind the creation of international Rugby teams in Pakistan, and continue to support them in their development.


BARA uses Rugby to inspire individuals and communities to achieve more - whether that be physical and mental wellbeing, or coaching life-skills and promoting community cohesion.
Through its extensive network of media contacts BARA provides positive role-models - from Ikram Butt, the first Asian to play for England at either code of rugby, to Junaid Malik, who juggles the game he loves with a high-powered career as a solicitor - to inspire others and raise aspirations.

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