BARA Tackles Cambridge RFU World Cup Legacy Project


BARA were invited to support and assist with the Cambridge RFU World Cup Legacy project at Festival of Rugby Summer In The City.

BARA in collaboration with the Community coaches from the RFU engaged with people from all sections of the communities throughout the day encourage individuals to take part in coaching sessions and sign posting them to various outlets of rugby clubs and activities.

Mobasher Mahmood, BARA’s Head Coach on the day, stated, It was great to coach alongside the community coaches and to get more people involved in rugby.  The participants seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully they will take more of interest in rugby.

Alasdair Bovard. Chair of Cambridge RFU, added, We were delighted BARA agreed to travel down and be part of our legacy project.  Having them involved will help encourage more people from the wider communities to get more involved in rugby.’