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Playing For BARA MiddleThe BARA rugby team has evolved from the previously named South Asia Bulls and it draws to its ranks players with South Asian heritage as well as players from other racial and cultural backgrounds. The team truly represents the multicultural diversity that is prevalent in British Society. The BARA Rugby Team regularly brings together players from all four corners of the British Isles, from both codes of rugby.

In June 2005, the BARA rugby team played its first high profile game against the British Zions (British Jewish Rugby Team) at Broughton Park RFC, in which BARA triumphed 21 - 17.

In October 2005, the BARA rugby team embarked on its first ever international tournament in Mumbai, India. The All India & South Asian Championships comprised of twelve teams from India, plus two guests teams, ourselves, and the Lahore RFC. After three tremendous wins to reach the finals, the BARA rugby team were victorious 27 - 10 against a defiant Bangalore RFC.

The visit to India was part of BARA's continuing strategy to strengthen its links with South Asia and this was further enhanced when we delivered a coaching clinic for school teachers, visited a school and delivered an interactive coaching session on the beach which was open to one & all.

BARA has since gone on to play regularly in rugby league and rugby union organised events. In addition, BARA players have been selected to play for their mother countries most notably for India & Pakistan and BARA have continued to  travel extensively throughout South Asia to assist in the development of the game of rugby.

As well as winning the All India & South Asian Trophy, BARA has won the Steedan RL Trophy beating teams such as the British School Teachers, British Fire Service and defeating the British Police in the final.

If you are interested in playing or getting involved with BARA, then please complete the following form and a member of BARA will be in touch.


Playing For BARA BottomThe Manningham Bulls were formed during the aftermath of the race-related violence in Bradford. Developmental activities took place within the most affected areas, which included Mannningham, a predominantly Asian area and Newlands, a predominantly white area.

Both of these areas are deprived and disadvantaged, affected by high unemployment, poor housing, crime & drug related issues, etc. sport & physical activities were seen as means to breaking down barriers, raising awareness about each others cultural & religious beliefs and building on community cohesion.

Rugby played a large part in bringing both sides of the communities together. Activities included coaching for children and young people within the heart of the communities, tournaments and player exchanges. Members of the community were identified to train to become qualified coaches in order for them to take ownership within their own communities.

An invitation for the Manningham Bulls to take part in the Scottish Asian Sport Association games was taken up. The visit to Scotland gave us the opportunity to also invite parents of the players. The whole experience of bringing together families from the two communities through the medium of rugby fulfilled one of the objectives of what BARA stands for. | Commercial One, 31 / 32 Park Row, 2nd Floor, Leeds, LS1 5JD | Copyright © 2004 - 2014 BARA, All Rights Reserved

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